Monday, 22 November 2010

The Other Side

Wandering the streets near Ferenciek square one night, I happened upon this interesting little corner.

The picture doesn't really do the atmosphere of the place justice - it almost feels like you're suddenly in a different city when you turn the corner. The street on the left is bright, clean, well-maintained, with stylish lamp posts that are already fitted with winter decoration. Then you take a few steps, and you find yourself in a dark alley full of garbage and graffiti (rubbish in three- and two dimensions, respectively), and a rather depressing, dirty little playground squeezed between two enormous firewalls.

Even the color of the light is different.

Not too far from here the 'brutally modern' building of Corvinus University will strike your eyes with a rather uncanny clash of time and design.

It's the meeting point between the very old and very new: it's the urban architecture equivalent of a cute, slim little white blondie trying to take in a 10-meter, murderous black cock... Somehow it just doesn't work. :D

I've also been wandering around Lágymányosi bridge, and since I was there I thought - why not climb it?

And, strangely for me, I've also been photographing during the daytime - hence the title of this post.

This is the "Other Side" of the spectrum of lightscapes provided by our Solar System, the side that most photographers prefer: I have to admit, it's so easy that I can see why. I find this part of the day boring, when things show their usual side - the side everyone's familiar with, when objects reveal all their details and colors, removing all the mystical uncertainty and hidden details that you need a keen eye to discover under the glow of the street light.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...
lady   in   COLOR

Many thanks to the Colorful City Project! :-)

And now, for something completely different...

Have you seen the movie Trainspotting?
Many people think the way the young heroin junkies' lives are depicted in the movie is exaggerated - as they live in empty apartments they've sold all their furniture and belongings out of, and the only remaining movable thing is a mattress to sleep and shoot the next one on.
I've found it to be a bit unrealistic as well - most heroinists don't hold on to an apartment for too long. Take a look at these shots I took a few days ago in a trashed, burned old building hidden in one of the richest neighbourhoods in the city.

Home, sweet home...

I've finally succumbed to the popular "lonely chair" cliché :-)

Irony is quite harsh sometimes.

(The label reads: "Your doctor or pharmacist may help you break the addiction")

And finally, I thought it might be time to show you the source of all the sick shit on this site, and upload a self-portrait...

(for foreigners: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elisabeth_Bridge)


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