Monday, 10 January 2011

At the top of Szombathely

I arrived at the gigantic building around 2 AM. I made sure that noone is around, then grabbed the outside of the scaffolding, and started climbing up. I could only get to around the 6th floor with one breath. While catching my breath I had some time to look at the view, and the nothingness below me. Except for my two arms, nothing whatsoever was stopping me from falling to my death.

So I climbed upward, all the way to floor 15, aka. the roof. A ladder took me up to the "sixteenth", which was the base of the antenna. I was now on the highest man-made point in the city of Szombathely, and indeed in all of the county it resides in.

Make sure to view the pictures in full size - I noticed blogspot makes them blurry when it downsizes them. So click away!


Those 10-floor highrises seem as tiny as lego bricks from here...

I took a roughly 180° panorama in the morning; this size doesn't do it justice, click here for an even bigger view :)


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